Heather is photographer, a producer, a collector, a midcentury design devotee, a lover of patterns + pop culture, a fan of contemporary + modern art.

She is profoundly inspired by patterns + the order of things.  Wes Anderson, Todd Oldham + Minoru Yamasaki would be who she would like to dine with every evening. 

A nature lover + tree hugger, hiker + cloud watcher, pit + pug owner, an AMAZING dancer and a good singer (at least she thinks so) + avid traveler.

So it only makes sense that the love and passion she has for her craft transcends the obvious capture. She is commited to photographing real, meaningful and powerful images. With a sense of humor and a genuine interest in the authentic spirit of faces, landscapes + objects.

Her vibrant imagery has been described as thoughtful, modern, cinematic + timeless. (+ a little “out of the box”).
She aims to live her life in a sea of these same adjectives!

In 2015 she was selected as the official photographer for Flowerhouse Detroit, she is currently in the process of self publishing a book of images + thoughts on the project.  Release date is scheduled for October 2016. 


She has been a professional photographer for 20 years.